What is Caracol ?

Caracol Television is an abbreviation of “Cadena Radial Colombiana Television S.A.”. This is a Colombian television channel. But the activities of Caracol do not stop there: the TV channel also produces programs abroad. These programs include films, television series, which will be broadcast beyond Colombia. Especially in the United States and South America but also in the rest of the world.

The channel has produced the successful Glee series and is still part of the production of The Simpsons.

Caracol at MIPCOM and MIPTV

The Colombian channel has invested these two events each year to represent Colombia and its new television productions.

Caracol has invested these two trade shows each year to represent Colombia and its new television productions.
MIPCOM and MIPTV are two opportunities for the channel to show its international influence in a geographic region (Europe) where it is not especially known. These events allow Caracol to emphasize its footprints on many television programs and to be recognized worldwide as a powerful and important television channel.

Caracol, by participating in MIPCOM and MIPTV, presents its audiovisual novelties, is introduced as producers of recognized and appreciated creations. And the channel represents Colombia as major in television programs.

The Caracol booth with Alphabet Stand Service

The stand made for Caracol is just like the customer: imposing and diversified. Each year the Colombian television channel orders a large stand which is composed of several distinct parts. This booth is divided into three sections: reception, office / work space and more relaxed areas. The reception, but also the entire stand, are very bright, thanks to the many ceiling bulbs.

There are numerous screens placed in the stands that also bring a lot of brightness and the logos are highlighted to have more impact.

Workspaces are either open on the booth or concealed in the “hidden” parts of the stand behind the screens. These hidden spaces allow more concentration and privacy.

Finally, the relax areas are presented as lounges with TVs, sofas and coffee tables: for a more cozy atmosphere but always around the TV programs.

The walls of the stand are composed of Caracol program posters and the moods of the different spaces depend on these posters.

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