Newen Distribution

What is Newen Distribution ?

Newen Distribution is a French distribution and production company for audiovisual programs. Unlike our client Mediatoon , which specializes in animated programs, Newen Distribution produces all kind of programs. Series, cartoons, fiction, stream programs, Newen offers a wide range of programs.

The company distributes its productions on several platforms such as television channels but also the services of VOD and replay. Over the years, the company has developed its business and made a name for itself. Currently Newen Distribution is the leader on the European market and benefits from its influence to attract new customers.

Newen Distribution at MIPCOM and MIPTV

The company participates every year in these exhibitions to develop its customers but also its image. MIPCOM and MIPTV allow Newen to present each edition of new programs but also to broadcast them exclusively. At these events Newen Distribution is trying to attract new customers to broadcast its programs on even more platforms.

MIPCOM and MIPTV are international events and thus help companies to become known on this scale. Newen Distribution, with the reputation that the company already has, wants to expand its networks but also develop new partnerships and contracts during these major events.

The Newen Distribution stand by Alphabet Stand Service

Each year our company builds the stand of this renowned company. Like the company, the stand is imposing, consistent but also rich. Several spaces composed the creation made for Newen Distribution. The colors of the stand follow the company’s graphic charter and the colors of its logo: white and orange.

The first space is a “lounge” style reception consisting of a counter and a long corner sofa, depending on the shape of the stand. A backlit logo overhangs the entrance giving more impact to the creation. This stand is then composed of several areas of offices.

 The first office area is open, consisting of two large high tables surrounded by bar chairs. The style of these tables and chairs is Scandinavian, giving modernism to the stand. Then office areas in the form of boxes, allow more private exchanges around round tables.

The entire stand is decorated with posters and screens representing programs produced and distributed by Newen. The entire stand is modern, cozy and eye catching.

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