VIP Lounge

What is the VIP Lounge?

The VIP Lounge is a space designed for the MIPIM event. This space is not a classic stand and does not represent a customer but the MIPIM itself. The VIP Lounge is still sponsored by a German company named BG & K. GMBH.

The VIP Lounge at MIPIM

This club lounge is reserved for participants and visitors of MIPIM. The space oscillates between relaxation and work and is composed of several parts and several rooms that reflect this duality.

The VIP Lounge, a creation Alphabet Stand Service

This lounge club is composed of various workspaces and comfort spaces. Participants and visitors to MIPIM can find comfortable work areas but also a bar and various relaxation spots. The space offers various services such as a concierge service but also connected workstations as well as meeting desks and a press corner, all of what can be useful for people participating in MIPIM.

A refine and modern decoration

The decoration and colors of this stand remind the lounge spirit of it. Orange mixed with gray and white gives an impression of calm and the colors are also modernizing, just like the furniture that is arranged in the VIP Lounge. The reception space is also very modern and uncluttered, it gives off an impression of well-being and relaxation. The whole of this stand invites to the relaxation but also to the dynamism with a decoration both refined and modern.

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