What is Payot ?

Payot is a French cosmetics brand from the early 20th century. The century-old brand’s flagship products are ranges for skincare and imperfections. The ranges concern women and men to reach a maximum of public. This company has its own laboratories to develop and improve its products. Distributed today on several online sales platforms but also in stores, Payot also participates every year in TFWA.

Payot at the TFWA

The brand participates at the Tax Free event in order to export its brand worldwide. Already available in several countries and several major cities, Payot participates in TFWA to further develop its business. The company presents during this event dedicated to duty free its various collections, its new products and presents to the participants its exclusive ranges.

The Payot stand by Alphabet Stand Service

This stand created for Payot is both modern and uncluttered, for a trendy and attractive result. The stand is divided into two major parts: an indoor and an outdoor part. Interior part is composed of several trading areas furnished with trendy Scandinavian furniture. The decoration is white, like the entire stand but with a touch of color to energize the entire stand. In this context of trendy decoration, plants are also added to the decoration of the stand for a concept store / boutique look. The bottom wall of the stand is dominated by a canvas representing the flagship product of the brand in the center. This one is surrounded by all the countries in which the brand is already present. This wall highlights the importance of the brand and its products in several countries.

The outer part of the stand consists of a lounge area. This space is decorated with an outdoor lounge and several green plants. The very “green” appearance of the stand’s exterior is there to accentuate the natural side of the brand and its products. Payot wishes to give a herbalist aspect to the terrace of his stand which overlooks the seaside.

The creation of stand for Payot is in the image of its mark. Alphabet Stand Service has created a modern booth with a clean and natural style for a set that corresponds exactly to the expectations of society.

Discovers some others Alphabet Stand Service’s creations for the TFWA Exhibition or contac us to design your next stand.

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What is Contar ?

Contar is a gathering of Argentine television media. Among the Contar association, there are Argentine public service channels but also private channels. Contar is a veritable breeding ground for the audiovisual content of Argentina. The association represents all kinds of content that are broadcast in the country: drama series, sports events, youth programs ect …

Beyond representing all these programs, Contar is also an online platform. This platform is free and allows Internet users to replay all programs broadcast on channels that are under the aegis of the association.

Contar at MIPCOM and MIPTV

Contar Argentina has every interest in participating in these two trade shows given its situation. A true representative of Argentina and its TV programs, the association of channels benefits each year from the international scope of the events.

MIPCOM and MIPTV allow Contar to represent Argentina and its audiovisual content to the world, since both events bring together participants from all of the globe every year.

As our other client Caracol, the organization participates in both trade shows to present the new channels that the association represents. MIPCOM and MIPTV are two opportunities for the channel gathering to show its scope and importance.

The Contar’s stand by Alphabet Stand Service

This creation of stand for Contar is appealing and diverse. The booth is divided into several parts. The first is a reception consisting of a counter on which is affixed the logo of the association highlighted. This effect puts forward the logo, makes this first part of the stand eye catching.

The rest of the stand is composed of several open exchange areas. These office spaces are thematized according to the programs present on the channels of the Contar group. This thematization is done by the application to the walls of images of Contar channels programs. This decoration allows immersion in the universe of channels.

The entire stand is composed of television broadcasting Argentina programs. As a whole the stand is dynamic and attractive, composed of light colors, blue and white bringing life to creation.

Discover our other creations for the MIPCOM and MIPTV or contact us for the realization of your next stand.

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BBFD Investment

What is BBFD Investment?

BBFD Investment is a Luxembourg company specialized in local real estate. The company designs real estate concepts of proximity. These concepts include dwellings, shops, recreation, health, tourism etc …

The company realizes villages of shops, emphasizing the quality allied to the proximity. These merchant villages are located in large cities, mostly French, like Toulouse or Montpellier. The company also created “proximity concepts” including a concept gym, bakery, fast food and soon butchery. The quality of the services and their local aspect is always emphasized in these concepts.

BBFD Investment at MIPIM

The company participates in MIPIM to promote its activity and the design of its merchant villages. BBFD Investment emphasizes the quality of its services and the proximity aspect. During the show, the company highlights its partnerships with major brands. This is to promote its activity and give it legitimacy. BBFD’s project is to develop its village trading concept. By developing BBFD wants to install in more and more cities to offer quality to residents and a concentration of local services.

The BBFD Investment stand with Alphabet Stand Service

For BBFD Investment we realized a stand corresponding to the image of the company: modern and design. The stand has a particular, modern decoration, reminiscent of the quality of innovation of the company. The use of wood, associated with geometric figures and clear colors (white, light wood) or dark colors (furniture, floor stickers), gives a very “concept store” and authentic look at the stand. This aspect of both authenticity and modernism is accentuated by the furniture and decoration of the stand.

The sentences displayed on the wall reflect the quality of the company’s services and the importance it attaches to proximity: “proximity is us!” and “return to the true values!”. The stand corresponds to the corporate identity of the company, to that of its website, and the booth is consistent, fully in line with BBFD.

Discover our other creations for the MIPIM or contact us for the realization of your next stand.

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San Diego Tijuana Mega Region

What is San Diego Tijuana Mega Region ?

The Mega Region is a geographical and economic collaboration of two nearby American regions. San Diego is in southern California and Tijuana in northern Mexico. The two cities are geographically close but thanks to this collaboration they become a substantial and attractive area.

San Diego Tijuana Mega Region at MIPIM

The organization goes to MIPIM to present the Mega Region as a perfect real estate investment area. San Diego Mega Region is associated with real estate entities such as the Greater San Diego Association of Realtors. The presence of San Diego Tijuana during this show allows them a better visibility on the international level. MIPIM counts for more than 20,000 visitors each year and is therefore considered a stepping stone for international real estate.

Mega Region has been present to the event for several years to present the advantages of San Diego Tijuana. The organization’s arguments are that San Diego Tijuana Mega Region is the busiest land border in the world. But also that it represents a total symbiosis in terms of economy but also social and legal.

The San Diego Tijuana Mega Region Stand by Alphabet Stand Service

This stand made for this organization during the MIPIM is like the two cities that the Mega Region represents. The colors of the stand that are blue and white and also its furniture, are simple, refined and have a spirit “beach” found in both cities. This stand is harmonious and brings an impression of well being and calm. But the urban is also present on this stand with posters and screens projecting images of the two cities.

The stand is composed of three major parts: the reception, an “open” exchange and an office space, more closed. Details such as posters and the map of the Mega Region allow MIPIM participants to project themselves into the space offered by Sand Diego and Tijuana.

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Alexandre J

What is Alexandre J ?

Alexandre J is a designer and perfumer who has launched his brand in 2012. The brand produces luxurious perfumes and scented candles. There are Alexandre J shops all over the world. The brand’s range is exported on every continent, and, by participating at the TFWA exhibition, Alexandre J is entering the duty free and travel retail markets.

Alexandre J at the TFWA Exhibition & Conference with Alphabet Stand Service

The brand is attending the TFWA Exhibition. This trade show reunites each year brands coming to exchange on the importance and the development of the duty free market. The TFWA event allows Alexandre J to export the brand on this market and to represent it to professionals working in the travel retail industry.

The stand created by Alphabet Stand Service for Alexandre J during the 2017’s edition of TFWA event is based around the color of the brand, black and gold. Tthe booth is luxurious and made to emphasize the bottles of perfumes. The products are represented as precious objects, jewels as they are place in vitrines. The screens places in the stand enable to animate the ads produces for the lastest creations of the brand.

Discovers some others Alphabet Stand Service’s creations for the TFWA Exhibition or contac us to design your next stand.


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What is the Esports BAR ?

The Esports BAR is a trade show dedicated to all e-sports business actors. During this event, professional players, video games editors and streaming plateform are meeting and exchanging around the subject of e-sports championships. This salon is quite new, it was created in 2018. The Esports BAR is planned by Reed Midem, that also organizes the MAPIC, MIPTV, MIPCOM and MIPIM during which Alphabet Stand Service intervines.

Alphabet Stand Service, official provider of the Esports BAR

Stand Service is the major installor of the Esports BAR. Our company  designs all of  the scenery of this trade show according its style guide. This event is structured around differents spaces allowing the professionals to talk during panels, meetings and activities organized by the BARtenders of the Esports BAR.

The booths are modern and simple styled with a lounge aspect. Those dynamic spaces are calling to exchange but also to relax.

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Thales at Trustech

Thales is a company specialized in aerospace, defense and security.

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ISBC at Trustech

ISBC is a company specialized in smart card and security by personalized recognition.

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Music Moves Europe

Music Moves Europe is a European Commission initiative formed to shape the EU’s strategy for the music sector.

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Other performances on the Festival

Photo gallery of a few performances, decorations made at the different Cannes Film Festival.

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TBS Tokyo Broadcasting System

The Japanese group TBS Tokyo Broadcasting System presents their productions at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Maison Ferrand

Maison Ferrand is a French spirits producer.

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What is Roccobarocco ?

Roccobarocco is an Italian fashion company, named after its creator. Roccobarocco specializes in leather goods, luxury handbag manufacturing. The company has several stores throughout Europe. The brand wants to export by participating in the TFWA.

Roccobarocco at the TFWA

This world-renowned trade show allows an international exposure to the Italian company. The TFWA allows the brand to export its activity in the duty free sector but also to make known its activity to a large public. The company participates each year in TFWA. Imamarn order to show the duty free professionals its new products, its new collection. This creations of the brand are sublimated by our stands at TFWA.

The Roccobarocco stand by Alphabet Stand Service

This stand made by our company for our client is in his image. The stand is simple, refined and sophisticated both to stick to the luxurious image of the brand and its products. The creation looks like a department store window, presenting and highlighting the new Roccobarocco products. They are lit by both the lighting and the white backgrounds of the shelves.

With this stand, Roccobarocco presents its products as jewel cases, as precious objects, highlighted by a sober and luxurious decoration.

Discovers some others Alphabet Stand Service’s creations for the TFWA Exhibition or contac us to design your next stand.

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Here are the pictures of the Bulgarian Bulgartabac booth exhibiting at the last Taxfree in Cannes.

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What is Cofeci-Creci?

Cofeci – Creci is a Brazilian entity whose mission is to supervise the ethics of real estate agents throughout Brazil. Their goal is to ensure the good reputation of the profession and exercise legally. The group represents Brazil at MIPIM and shows the country’s opportunities in terms of real estate investment.

Cofeci-Creci at MIPIM

Like Japan Pavilion, Cofeci-Creci represents a country for which it promotes real estate. In contrast to the Japanese organization, ethical aspects are put forward by Cofeci-Creci. The reputation and professionalism of Brazilian real estate agents are thus supported during MIPIM. This reputation guarantees a system of trust to future clients who would like to invest in Brazilian real estate.

The Cofeci-Creci booth with Alphabet Stand Service

Alphabet Stand Service has been designing the organization’s stand for several years. This trust of our client allows him to succeed each year to best represent Brazil at MIPIM.

The stand made for Cofeci-Creci is all in length and in the colors of Brazil. All of the elements make the stand dynamic and the bright colors are attractive. The map highlighted on the stand shows all the cities in which Cofeci-Creci is present. This map shows the legitimacy of the organization as it works throughout Brazil. The beauty of the country and its promotion are put forward via a video projected on the screen of the stand called “Visit Brasil”.

Discover other creations realized by Stand Service for the MIPIM or contact us for the design of your next stand.

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Florida Realtors

What is Florida Realtors?

Florida Realtors is a service company for real estate trades. Florida Realtors represents real estate and its trades in a specific geographical area: Florida in the United States. The association has more than 180,000 members. The organization puts its members in contacts, make them exchange around the real estate market in Florida. Florida Realtors represents the Florida real estate market and its investment opportunities. Like Beyoğlu BIG, the organization represents an area and promotes it during MIPIM.

Florida Realtors at MIPIM

MIPIM is an opportunity for Florida Realtors to promote its business to real estate professionals. The organization by its actions, its gatherings wants to bring the most professionalism possible in the real estate and to help the actors of this sector. Through its actions and membership, Florida Realtors promotes Florida real estate investment every year at MIPIM. The association is supporting the real estate opportunities of the US state by showing its innovation capabilities and the professionalism of real estate players in this geographical area.

The Florida Realtors stand by Alphabet Stand Service

Our company has created a stand that corresponds to the image of the Florida organization. The stand is refine, and composed with two well-marked colors: blue and white. The overall aesthetics of the stand evokes a typical Florida landscape: the beach. Elements refer to the beach in the stand. First of all, inflatable balls that make you think of beach volleyball. But also the sand, ash color from the floor of the stand. Finally, the furnitures that are both minimalist and modern gives an impression of lounge at the stand, making it both casual and representative of Florida.

Discover our other creations for the MIPIMorcontact us for the design of your next booth.


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EuropaCorp is a well-known film studio, which produces and distributes in theaters, video, VOD, TV rights sales for France, and internationally.

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What is Caracol ?

Caracol Television is an abbreviation of “Cadena Radial Colombiana Television S.A.”. This is a Colombian television channel. But the activities of Caracol do not stop there: the TV channel also produces programs abroad. These programs include films, television series, which will be broadcast beyond Colombia. Especially in the United States and South America but also in the rest of the world.

The channel has produced the successful Glee series and is still part of the production of The Simpsons.

Caracol at MIPCOM and MIPTV

The Colombian channel has invested these two events each year to represent Colombia and its new television productions.

Caracol has invested these two trade shows each year to represent Colombia and its new television productions.
MIPCOM and MIPTV are two opportunities for the channel to show its international influence in a geographic region (Europe) where it is not especially known. These events allow Caracol to emphasize its footprints on many television programs and to be recognized worldwide as a powerful and important television channel.

Caracol, by participating in MIPCOM and MIPTV, presents its audiovisual novelties, is introduced as producers of recognized and appreciated creations. And the channel represents Colombia as major in television programs.

The Caracol booth with Alphabet Stand Service

The stand made for Caracol is just like the customer: imposing and diversified. Each year the Colombian television channel orders a large stand which is composed of several distinct parts. This booth is divided into three sections: reception, office / work space and more relaxed areas. The reception, but also the entire stand, are very bright, thanks to the many ceiling bulbs.

There are numerous screens placed in the stands that also bring a lot of brightness and the logos are highlighted to have more impact.

Workspaces are either open on the booth or concealed in the “hidden” parts of the stand behind the screens. These hidden spaces allow more concentration and privacy.

Finally, the relax areas are presented as lounges with TVs, sofas and coffee tables: for a more cozy atmosphere but always around the TV programs.

The walls of the stand are composed of Caracol program posters and the moods of the different spaces depend on these posters.

Discover our other creations for the MIPCOM and MIPTV or contact us for the realization of your next stand.

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Garavaglia Srl & Global Attractions

Stand “package” of Garavaglia Srl & Global Attractions.

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FIB – Financière Immobilière Bordelaise

Société Bordelaise d’Investissement in commercial real estate – FIB.

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Aguirre Newman

Aguirre Newman is specialized in tailor-made solutions in commercial and corporate real estate. Established in Spain, they offer agency services, investment and finance, strategy, architecture, management etc …

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AEW Europe

AEW Europe is a subsidiary of Natixis Global Asset Management. The company is a leader in investment advisory and real estate asset management. AEW is present in Europe, but also in other continents.

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Acadia Trust Realty

Acadia is a US company that specializes in the operation, management, leasing, acquisition and renovation of shopping malls and mixed-use real estate. For this exhibition, they have chosen a turnkey stand of the Package type proposed by the Mapic.

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Le Rendez Vous 2015 de TV France International

TV France International, also participating in Miptv and Mipcom exhibitions with a large-scale associative stand, is organizing its main event at the heart of a hotel in Biarritz. The Rendez-Vous is a market for viewing French television programs.

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Microlog specializes in technical solutions for the marketing and communication of commercial companies.

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Forrec Ltd.

What is Forrec Ltd. ?

Forrec Ltd. is a entertainment design company. This firm is practising its skills for more than 30 years. The mission of the company is to conceive the design of amusement parks, water parks but also resorts and attractions. The Canadian-based company works on six continents but one of its main activity is working on Ontario’s urban space.

Among its most prestigious customers we can mention the theme park LEGOLAND in Germany but also the Universal Studio in Florida in the United States. The goal of the company team is to tell a story through their creations, to create a particular aesthetic for each customer, the company goes every year to the MAPIC to report this ambition.

The Forrec Ltd. stand at MAPIC by Alphabet Stand Service

This company participates in the MAPIC in an approach to make known its ambition as for the market of the entertainment. Forrec Ltd. uses his stand as a means of communication about his activity and his ambitions: to bring entertainment into real estate developments as part of a “mixed-use” approach.

The company also argues that the customer must be at the center of all designs. Forrec Ltd. participates in the MAPIC with a stand “package” proposed by Reed Midem and customized by our company.

Find other Alphabet Stand Service creations for the MAPIC event or contact us for the conception of your next stand.

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Galerie 208

Galerie 208 offers decorating solutions especially for companies. Their advice and expertise in investment of art objects, bring a unique design that is found on this booth of Mapic.

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Pavillon Turkey

Le stand pavillon de la Turquie au Midem.

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Pavillon Taiwan

The “Taiwan Pavilion” stand at Midem 2015.

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La Société Italienne d’Auteurs et Editeurs, gère et défend les droits d’auteurs et éditeurs musicaux.

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SABAM is the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers.

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Pavillon Arménie

Armenia was the country of honor at Midem 2015. Their stand was designed and built to match the event.

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MPA – Music Publisher Association

MPA – Music Publisher Association represents Japanese music in the world.


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Music Business Stage

A conference area decorated with the colors of Midem and labeled by a sponsor.

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Ministère de la culture

Presence of the French Ministry of Culture at Midem on an all-air stand.

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Innovation Factory

La zone Innovation Factory est dédiée aux dernières technologies de pointe. Vous pourrez découvrir les finalistes du Midemlab, et aussi, ateliers et séances de formation pour les dirigeants du monde musical. “très branché du monde numérique”.

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Hospitality Suites & Club VIP

Dans une zone personnalisée au sein du Midem, les Hospitality Suites proposent à leurs participants des bureaux confortables et confidentiels tout équipés, ainsi qu’un lounge-bar réservé aux membres et à leurs invités.

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Countdown Media

Countdown Media possède est un catalogue de musique provenant des studios de production aux États-Unis, Mexique, Royaume-Uni, et Allemagne.


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A2IM est une association à but non-lucratif représentant un groupe diversifié de plus de 350 labels indépendants américains.


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Unibail-Rodamco is the first group listed in commercial real estate in Europe. They mark their presence at MAPIC by transforming the space of the restaurant – Hotel Majestic beach. Project realized for Ann(e) Agency.

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Conciergerie MAPIC

Conciergerie is a service center proposed by Reed Midem. Visitors will find help to make their stay more enjoyable in and around the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

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VIP Lounge

What is the VIP Lounge?

The VIP Lounge is a space designed for the MIPIM event. This space is not a classic stand and does not represent a customer but the MIPIM itself. The VIP Lounge is still sponsored by a German company named BG & K. GMBH.

The VIP Lounge at MIPIM

This club lounge is reserved for participants and visitors of MIPIM. The space oscillates between relaxation and work and is composed of several parts and several rooms that reflect this duality.

The VIP Lounge, a creation Alphabet Stand Service

This lounge club is composed of various workspaces and comfort spaces. Participants and visitors to MIPIM can find comfortable work areas but also a bar and various relaxation spots. The space offers various services such as a concierge service but also connected workstations as well as meeting desks and a press corner, all of what can be useful for people participating in MIPIM.

A refine and modern decoration

The decoration and colors of this stand remind the lounge spirit of it. Orange mixed with gray and white gives an impression of calm and the colors are also modernizing, just like the furniture that is arranged in the VIP Lounge. The reception space is also very modern and uncluttered, it gives off an impression of well-being and relaxation. The whole of this stand invites to the relaxation but also to the dynamism with a decoration both refined and modern.

Find our other stands made for MIPIM or contact us for the creation and installation of your next booth.

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9 Story Media Group est un leader de l’industrie du contenu :  action et animation pour jeune public.

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Hospitality Suites

Hospitality Suites are offered by Reed Midem. They are composed of closed spaces to receive in appointments comfortable and totally equipped, delivered turnkey.

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SUEZ participates in the Mipim with a stand and a personalized suite.

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TV Only

Le leader européen de programme “how to”.
Tous les ans, Onlylifestyle, OnlyScience et DocOnly sont aux MIPCOM et au MIPTV de Cannes.

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TV France International

TV France International propose un stand ombrelle aux exportateurs français de programmes. Ils sont présent au MIPTV et au MIPCOM.

Nous créons et fabriquons aussi pour eux le salon LE RENDEZ-VOUS. Voir la galerie dédiée.

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Pramerica Real Estate Investors est une entreprise de placement immobilier à l’échelon mondial. Ils sont présents aux Etats-Unis, en Europe et en Asie-Pacifique. Stand réalisé à l’intérieur d’une tente sur le parvis de la croisette, et d’une terrasse aménagée.

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Sierra Engine Television

Sierra Engine produit et distribue leurs propres contenus audiovisuels. Nous les avons accompagné sur plusieurs années avec un stand très personnalisé.

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Newen Distribution

What is Newen Distribution ?

Newen Distribution is a French distribution and production company for audiovisual programs. Unlike our client Mediatoon , which specializes in animated programs, Newen Distribution produces all kind of programs. Series, cartoons, fiction, stream programs, Newen offers a wide range of programs.

The company distributes its productions on several platforms such as television channels but also the services of VOD and replay. Over the years, the company has developed its business and made a name for itself. Currently Newen Distribution is the leader on the European market and benefits from its influence to attract new customers.

Newen Distribution at MIPCOM and MIPTV

The company participates every year in these exhibitions to develop its customers but also its image. MIPCOM and MIPTV allow Newen to present each edition of new programs but also to broadcast them exclusively. At these events Newen Distribution is trying to attract new customers to broadcast its programs on even more platforms.

MIPCOM and MIPTV are international events and thus help companies to become known on this scale. Newen Distribution, with the reputation that the company already has, wants to expand its networks but also develop new partnerships and contracts during these major events.

The Newen Distribution stand by Alphabet Stand Service

Each year our company builds the stand of this renowned company. Like the company, the stand is imposing, consistent but also rich. Several spaces composed the creation made for Newen Distribution. The colors of the stand follow the company’s graphic charter and the colors of its logo: white and orange.

The first space is a “lounge” style reception consisting of a counter and a long corner sofa, depending on the shape of the stand. A backlit logo overhangs the entrance giving more impact to the creation. This stand is then composed of several areas of offices.

 The first office area is open, consisting of two large high tables surrounded by bar chairs. The style of these tables and chairs is Scandinavian, giving modernism to the stand. Then office areas in the form of boxes, allow more private exchanges around round tables.

The entire stand is decorated with posters and screens representing programs produced and distributed by Newen. The entire stand is modern, cozy and eye catching.

Discover our other creations for the MIPCOM and MIPTV or contact us for the realization of your next stand.

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Nippon TV

Nippon Television Network Corporation est un réseau de chaines télévisées Japonaises. Depuis de nombreuses années nous les accompagnons sur leurs stands au Miptv et au Mipcom.

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Mondo TV

Mondo TV est ne société Italienne importante sur le marché de la production et la distribution de films et de séries d’animations.

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Monarchy Enterprises – New Regency

Designed and built for Monarchy Enterprises. At Miptv and Mipcom until Mipcom 2015.

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Novovision – Meg

Novovision – Meg distribue ses clips humoristiques dans le monde entier.

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Hospitality Suites

Les Hospitality Suites sont des stands clés en main, ouverts ou fermés, que nous construisons et installons pour Reed Midem sur les marchés du Miptv et du Mipcom.

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Producteur et distributeur de films documentaires en France et à l’International. Leurs programmes apparaissent sur les grandes chaines spécialisées.

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What is Xilam ?

Xilam is a French audiovisual production company. The specialty of the company is the production of series and feature films animations, so cartoons.

Among the most famous cartoons produced by Xilam we can quote “Oggy and Cockroaches”, “Space Goofs and more recently “Zig and Sharko”.

As our other client, Mediatoon Distribution, Xilam represents a French know-how in the production of animation program. These two companies must show what France can produce and create in terms of audiovisual for youth.

Xilam at MIPCOM and MIPTV

At MIPCOM and MIPTV the company presents its novelties of the year. Participating in these two shows is a real opportunity for Xilam to represent an audiovisual heritage of French animation but also to be represented internationally.

The goal of the company is to export its programs and show them to the world. But, also, to consider new partnerships, in France and elsewhere, to broadcast its contents.

The Xilam stand by Alphabet Stand Service

This booth is created in a process of capturing the visitor’s attention: colorful and in the image of the company. The stand contains two main colors: red and white which are the two colors of the Xilam logo.

This booth creation is composed of two major parts: a reception and an office space. The reception has a counter and a first open office space. On the walls are large posters representing the most famous programs produced by Xilam. The office space is closed, for more private exchanges. This one is simple, uncluttered, and consists of several tables and chairs. The walls, like those at the reception, are also composed of Xilam program posters.

The entire stand is simple, efficient and reflects a childish and dynamic spirit with Xilam visuals that enliven and attract the eye of the passer-by.

Discover our other creations for the MIPCOM and MIPTV or contact us for the realization of your next stand.

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TV5 Monde

TV5 Monde, c’est la chaîne culturelle francophone dans le monde.

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Radio Television Suisse – RTS RSI

RTS appartient au groupe Suisse SRG SSR. RTS développe des programmes audiovisuels et radios francophones.

RSI est la version Italienne.

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Sony 4K

Des “écrans” publicitaires réalisés pour Sony 4K.

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