Forrec Ltd.

What is Forrec Ltd. ?

Forrec Ltd. is a entertainment design company. This firm is practising its skills for more than 30 years. The mission of the company is to conceive the design of amusement parks, water parks but also resorts and attractions. The Canadian-based company works on six continents but one of its main activity is working on Ontario’s urban space.

Among its most prestigious customers we can mention the theme park LEGOLAND in Germany but also the Universal Studio in Florida in the United States. The goal of the company team is to tell a story through their creations, to create a particular aesthetic for each customer, the company goes every year to the MAPIC to report this ambition.

The Forrec Ltd. stand at MAPIC by Alphabet Stand Service

This company participates in the MAPIC in an approach to make known its ambition as for the market of the entertainment. Forrec Ltd. uses his stand as a means of communication about his activity and his ambitions: to bring entertainment into real estate developments as part of a “mixed-use” approach.

The company also argues that the customer must be at the center of all designs. Forrec Ltd. participates in the MAPIC with a stand “package” proposed by Reed Midem and customized by our company.

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Galerie 208

Galerie 208 offers decorating solutions especially for companies. Their advice and expertise in investment of art objects, bring a unique design that is found on this booth of Mapic.

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Unibail-Rodamco is the first group listed in commercial real estate in Europe. They mark their presence at MAPIC by transforming the space of the restaurant – Hotel Majestic beach. Project realized for Ann(e) Agency.

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Mall & Market

What is Mall & Market

Mall & Market is a French company of advice in commercial urbanism. This company advises and accompanies its clients in the design, the administrative aspect, the strategy, the lobbying and the bringing together of the actors of the trade. The company stands out in the commercial real estate sector. Mall & Market supports its clients in the design of commercial projects to integrate into the urban space.

Mall & Market at MAPIC

The company participates every year in the event dedicated to commercial real estate. MAPIC is an event that allows Mall & Market to develop its business and relationships. The company participates in this show to develop its projects but also to represent its activity in an environment with an international dimension

The MAPIC has considerable visibility since the event has an international dimension. Mall & Market is taking advantage of this event each year to be best represented in its industry.

The Mall & Market stand by Alphabet Stand Service

The creation made to measure for our client is in his image. This stand is composed mainly of blue and white, the two dominant colors of the company logo. A dynamic and modern side emerges from the stand. These aspects are developed by the decoration of the stand, refined and transparent but also mainly by the walls of it.

The walls of the stand are original, composed of asymmetrical squares. They give an incomparable modernity to the stand but also a more important visibility to this one which stands out from the other stands around him.

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Asociacion Espanola AECC

What is AECC ?

Associacion Espanola AECC is an association bringing together several actors of the Spanish real estate. This association focuses on commercial real estate in Spain and aims to highlight its various players at an international level. AECC brings together a number of commercial real estate stakeholders in order to enhance their activities and also to confront them with greater coverage than those professionals individually obtain.


Each year, the Spanish commercial real estate group participates in the MAPIC. The goal of AECC’s participation in this show is to reach a larger target and also take advantage of MAPIC’s international coverage. The association also aims to represent Spanish know-how in commercial real estate, to represent the wealth of Spanish creations.

The AECC stand by Alphabet Stand Service

This creation created for the association is dynamic and attractive. The dominant colors of the stand are red and white, providing significant contrast but also considerable visibility. This stand is in two parts. The first consists of a reception area with screens embedded in the walls, to broadcast videos of the activities of the association. Second consists of office space exchange, decorated with white furniture with sleek and modern look.

The entire stand is attractive and visually pleasing, ensuring AECC visibility at MAPIC.

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What is Terranae?

Terranae is a French company. Its specialty is the implementation but also the strategy. The company is also in commercial real estate management (center or commercial park) and in real estate business. Terranae was created in 2004 and works in France and abroad. With more than 35 clients to its credit, the firm is in partnership with major groups. One of them is Unibail Rodamco, which is also one of our costumer on the MAPIC event.

Terranae at MAPIC with Alphabet Stand Service

Terranae has been our client for over 10 years. This company participate to the MAPIC event for business and exchange purposes.  The booth made for Terranae by us iresumes its graphic charter. There are two dominant colors which are red and white, like the logo of the firm.

A stand that represents the company

This stand is in depth: not very big but long. It’s decorated mainly with displays and infographics that can also be found on the website of the company.

The map displayed on the wall, which is also featured on the company’s website, allows potential customers of the company to view the work of Terranae and to see where the firm have already concluded businesses. This stand is modern and the use of icons to explain the business activity is trendy and easy to understand by all.

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