BBFD Investment

What is BBFD Investment?

BBFD Investment is a Luxembourg company specialized in local real estate. The company designs real estate concepts of proximity. These concepts include dwellings, shops, recreation, health, tourism etc …

The company realizes villages of shops, emphasizing the quality allied to the proximity. These merchant villages are located in large cities, mostly French, like Toulouse or Montpellier. The company also created “proximity concepts” including a concept gym, bakery, fast food and soon butchery. The quality of the services and their local aspect is always emphasized in these concepts.

BBFD Investment at MIPIM

The company participates in MIPIM to promote its activity and the design of its merchant villages. BBFD Investment emphasizes the quality of its services and the proximity aspect. During the show, the company highlights its partnerships with major brands. This is to promote its activity and give it legitimacy. BBFD’s project is to develop its village trading concept. By developing BBFD wants to install in more and more cities to offer quality to residents and a concentration of local services.

The BBFD Investment stand with Alphabet Stand Service

For BBFD Investment we realized a stand corresponding to the image of the company: modern and design. The stand has a particular, modern decoration, reminiscent of the quality of innovation of the company. The use of wood, associated with geometric figures and clear colors (white, light wood) or dark colors (furniture, floor stickers), gives a very “concept store” and authentic look at the stand. This aspect of both authenticity and modernism is accentuated by the furniture and decoration of the stand.

The sentences displayed on the wall reflect the quality of the company’s services and the importance it attaches to proximity: “proximity is us!” and “return to the true values!”. The stand corresponds to the corporate identity of the company, to that of its website, and the booth is consistent, fully in line with BBFD.

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San Diego Tijuana Mega Region

What is San Diego Tijuana Mega Region ?

The Mega Region is a geographical and economic collaboration of two nearby American regions. San Diego is in southern California and Tijuana in northern Mexico. The two cities are geographically close but thanks to this collaboration they become a substantial and attractive area.

San Diego Tijuana Mega Region at MIPIM

The organization goes to MIPIM to present the Mega Region as a perfect real estate investment area. San Diego Mega Region is associated with real estate entities such as the Greater San Diego Association of Realtors. The presence of San Diego Tijuana during this show allows them a better visibility on the international level. MIPIM counts for more than 20,000 visitors each year and is therefore considered a stepping stone for international real estate.

Mega Region has been present to the event for several years to present the advantages of San Diego Tijuana. The organization’s arguments are that San Diego Tijuana Mega Region is the busiest land border in the world. But also that it represents a total symbiosis in terms of economy but also social and legal.

The San Diego Tijuana Mega Region Stand by Alphabet Stand Service

This stand made for this organization during the MIPIM is like the two cities that the Mega Region represents. The colors of the stand that are blue and white and also its furniture, are simple, refined and have a spirit “beach” found in both cities. This stand is harmonious and brings an impression of well being and calm. But the urban is also present on this stand with posters and screens projecting images of the two cities.

The stand is composed of three major parts: the reception, an “open” exchange and an office space, more closed. Details such as posters and the map of the Mega Region allow MIPIM participants to project themselves into the space offered by Sand Diego and Tijuana.

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What is Cofeci-Creci?

Cofeci – Creci is a Brazilian entity whose mission is to supervise the ethics of real estate agents throughout Brazil. Their goal is to ensure the good reputation of the profession and exercise legally. The group represents Brazil at MIPIM and shows the country’s opportunities in terms of real estate investment.

Cofeci-Creci at MIPIM

Like Japan Pavilion, Cofeci-Creci represents a country for which it promotes real estate. In contrast to the Japanese organization, ethical aspects are put forward by Cofeci-Creci. The reputation and professionalism of Brazilian real estate agents are thus supported during MIPIM. This reputation guarantees a system of trust to future clients who would like to invest in Brazilian real estate.

The Cofeci-Creci booth with Alphabet Stand Service

Alphabet Stand Service has been designing the organization’s stand for several years. This trust of our client allows him to succeed each year to best represent Brazil at MIPIM.

The stand made for Cofeci-Creci is all in length and in the colors of Brazil. All of the elements make the stand dynamic and the bright colors are attractive. The map highlighted on the stand shows all the cities in which Cofeci-Creci is present. This map shows the legitimacy of the organization as it works throughout Brazil. The beauty of the country and its promotion are put forward via a video projected on the screen of the stand called “Visit Brasil”.

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Florida Realtors

What is Florida Realtors?

Florida Realtors is a service company for real estate trades. Florida Realtors represents real estate and its trades in a specific geographical area: Florida in the United States. The association has more than 180,000 members. The organization puts its members in contacts, make them exchange around the real estate market in Florida. Florida Realtors represents the Florida real estate market and its investment opportunities. Like Beyoğlu BIG, the organization represents an area and promotes it during MIPIM.

Florida Realtors at MIPIM

MIPIM is an opportunity for Florida Realtors to promote its business to real estate professionals. The organization by its actions, its gatherings wants to bring the most professionalism possible in the real estate and to help the actors of this sector. Through its actions and membership, Florida Realtors promotes Florida real estate investment every year at MIPIM. The association is supporting the real estate opportunities of the US state by showing its innovation capabilities and the professionalism of real estate players in this geographical area.

The Florida Realtors stand by Alphabet Stand Service

Our company has created a stand that corresponds to the image of the Florida organization. The stand is refine, and composed with two well-marked colors: blue and white. The overall aesthetics of the stand evokes a typical Florida landscape: the beach. Elements refer to the beach in the stand. First of all, inflatable balls that make you think of beach volleyball. But also the sand, ash color from the floor of the stand. Finally, the furnitures that are both minimalist and modern gives an impression of lounge at the stand, making it both casual and representative of Florida.

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VIP Lounge

What is the VIP Lounge?

The VIP Lounge is a space designed for the MIPIM event. This space is not a classic stand and does not represent a customer but the MIPIM itself. The VIP Lounge is still sponsored by a German company named BG & K. GMBH.

The VIP Lounge at MIPIM

This club lounge is reserved for participants and visitors of MIPIM. The space oscillates between relaxation and work and is composed of several parts and several rooms that reflect this duality.

The VIP Lounge, a creation Alphabet Stand Service

This lounge club is composed of various workspaces and comfort spaces. Participants and visitors to MIPIM can find comfortable work areas but also a bar and various relaxation spots. The space offers various services such as a concierge service but also connected workstations as well as meeting desks and a press corner, all of what can be useful for people participating in MIPIM.

A refine and modern decoration

The decoration and colors of this stand remind the lounge spirit of it. Orange mixed with gray and white gives an impression of calm and the colors are also modernizing, just like the furniture that is arranged in the VIP Lounge. The reception space is also very modern and uncluttered, it gives off an impression of well-being and relaxation. The whole of this stand invites to the relaxation but also to the dynamism with a decoration both refined and modern.

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Japan Pavilion

What is Japan Pavilion?

Japan Pavilion is a group of several Japanese exhibitors aiming to represent Japan at MIPIMAmong these exhibitors we can mention Mitsubishi Estate, the city of Osaka and several organnizations representing the city of Tokyo. The Japanese real estate group will focus on the real estate benefits offered by Japan, whether in terms of financial or land use. Japan Pavilion wants to change the real estate in Japan for a purpose that the country has set. This goal is to make the Japanese society a “super-smart” society that relies on technological advances and innovation.

Japan Pavilion at MIPIM

MIPIM is an event that brings together players in the international real estate sector and that is why Japanese real estate companies participate to it. This group of companies and real estate organizations explains that Japan is an innovative and profitable real estate market. Japan Pavilion is a showcase of Japan and what the country has to offer in terms of real estate investment.

The Japan Pavilion booth with Alphabet Stand Service

The stand designed for this client is an “umbrella” stand, which is divided into several parts. The different areas of this stand correspond to the different Japanese exhibitors that our client groups together. This stand allows you to discover all the wealth of real estate in Japan, to understand why this country is a promising real estate place. Each zone has a different atmosphere that allows the salon’s customers to travel thanks to the variety of the stand, representing well Japan.

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