BBFD Investment

What is BBFD Investment?

BBFD Investment is a Luxembourg company specialized in local real estate. The company designs real estate concepts of proximity. These concepts include dwellings, shops, recreation, health, tourism etc …

The company realizes villages of shops, emphasizing the quality allied to the proximity. These merchant villages are located in large cities, mostly French, like Toulouse or Montpellier. The company also created “proximity concepts” including a concept gym, bakery, fast food and soon butchery. The quality of the services and their local aspect is always emphasized in these concepts.

BBFD Investment at MIPIM

The company participates in MIPIM to promote its activity and the design of its merchant villages. BBFD Investment emphasizes the quality of its services and the proximity aspect. During the show, the company highlights its partnerships with major brands. This is to promote its activity and give it legitimacy. BBFD’s project is to develop its village trading concept. By developing BBFD wants to install in more and more cities to offer quality to residents and a concentration of local services.

The BBFD Investment stand with Alphabet Stand Service

For BBFD Investment we realized a stand corresponding to the image of the company: modern and design. The stand has a particular, modern decoration, reminiscent of the quality of innovation of the company. The use of wood, associated with geometric figures and clear colors (white, light wood) or dark colors (furniture, floor stickers), gives a very “concept store” and authentic look at the stand. This aspect of both authenticity and modernism is accentuated by the furniture and decoration of the stand.

The sentences displayed on the wall reflect the quality of the company’s services and the importance it attaches to proximity: “proximity is us!” and “return to the true values!”. The stand corresponds to the corporate identity of the company, to that of its website, and the booth is consistent, fully in line with BBFD.

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