San Diego Tijuana Mega Region

What is San Diego Tijuana Mega Region ?

The Mega Region is a geographical and economic collaboration of two nearby American regions. San Diego is in southern California and Tijuana in northern Mexico. The two cities are geographically close but thanks to this collaboration they become a substantial and attractive area.

San Diego Tijuana Mega Region at MIPIM

The organization goes to MIPIM to present the Mega Region as a perfect real estate investment area. San Diego Mega Region is associated with real estate entities such as the Greater San Diego Association of Realtors. The presence of San Diego Tijuana during this show allows them a better visibility on the international level. MIPIM counts for more than 20,000 visitors each year and is therefore considered a stepping stone for international real estate.

Mega Region has been present to the event for several years to present the advantages of San Diego Tijuana. The organization’s arguments are that San Diego Tijuana Mega Region is the busiest land border in the world. But also that it represents a total symbiosis in terms of economy but also social and legal.

The San Diego Tijuana Mega Region Stand by Alphabet Stand Service

This stand made for this organization during the MIPIM is like the two cities that the Mega Region represents. The colors of the stand that are blue and white and also its furniture, are simple, refined and have a spirit “beach” found in both cities. This stand is harmonious and brings an impression of well being and calm. But the urban is also present on this stand with posters and screens projecting images of the two cities.

The stand is composed of three major parts: the reception, an “open” exchange and an office space, more closed. Details such as posters and the map of the Mega Region allow MIPIM participants to project themselves into the space offered by Sand Diego and Tijuana.

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