What is Contar ?

Contar is a gathering of Argentine television media. Among the Contar association, there are Argentine public service channels but also private channels. Contar is a veritable breeding ground for the audiovisual content of Argentina. The association represents all kinds of content that are broadcast in the country: drama series, sports events, youth programs ect …

Beyond representing all these programs, Contar is also an online platform. This platform is free and allows Internet users to replay all programs broadcast on channels that are under the aegis of the association.

Contar at MIPCOM and MIPTV

Contar Argentina has every interest in participating in these two trade shows given its situation. A true representative of Argentina and its TV programs, the association of channels benefits each year from the international scope of the events.

MIPCOM and MIPTV allow Contar to represent Argentina and its audiovisual content to the world, since both events bring together participants from all of the globe every year.

As our other client Caracol, the organization participates in both trade shows to present the new channels that the association represents. MIPCOM and MIPTV are two opportunities for the channel gathering to show its scope and importance.

The Contar’s stand by Alphabet Stand Service

This creation of stand for Contar is appealing and diverse. The booth is divided into several parts. The first is a reception consisting of a counter on which is affixed the logo of the association highlighted. This effect puts forward the logo, makes this first part of the stand eye catching.

The rest of the stand is composed of several open exchange areas. These office spaces are thematized according to the programs present on the channels of the Contar group. This thematization is done by the application to the walls of images of Contar channels programs. This decoration allows immersion in the universe of channels.

The entire stand is composed of television broadcasting Argentina programs. As a whole the stand is dynamic and attractive, composed of light colors, blue and white bringing life to creation.

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