Salon Miptv and Mipcom

Our company at MIPCOM and MIPTV

Our company has been working with the two events since their creation. Working on these events for more than 25 years, we know the typical customers of MIPTV and MIPCOM. We know how to build stands in the image of these audiovisual companies.

Thos two trade shows are base both on audiovisual, most often bringing together the same companies in their respective editions. Thus, our customers who participate in MIPCOM, also participate in MIPTV. Both shows have similar themes but have specific objectives.


MIPTV brings together television and audiovisual professionals, allowing them to make new contacts, learn about new trends and market trends. Participants try also to negotiate rights assignments, set up international co-productions, lay the groundwork new partnerships, meet the international press.


MIPCOM is the world leader in audiovisual content for the creation, co-production, purchase, sale, financing and distribution of content on all platforms (media, TV, mobile, cinema, internet …).

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