Kaloo Clayeux Kokeshi

What is Kaloo ?

Kaloo is a recognized brand for their accessories and fragrances for children. This brand has developed to be distributed today in the enter world. Kaloo produces perfumes but also accessories for children. To improve its visibility and develop its image, the brand participates each year in Tax Free World.

Kaloo at the TFWA

Kaloo has been participating in the TFWA for several years to develop its activity in the duty free sector. The brand is accompanied every year by Clayeux and Kokeshi on Taxfree. Two companies being in the same industry as Kaloo. Clayeux and Kokeshi are specialized in children’s products. Those proposed product ranges are targeted at babies to teenagers.

The Kaloo and Clayeux Kokeshi stands by Alphabet Stand Service

Those stands that our company creates for these customers are colorful and accessorized introducing us into their worlds. The booths have rounded shapes and display a playful image of games, plunging the TFWA visitor into a childish atmosphere. Both stands have bright colors but pastels, hung tones to the world of childhood and recall the activity and products of the brands.

The furnitures and accessories of the stands are clean and childish, especially with the large storage cubes. These cubes are reminiscent of the building cubes games and therefore accentuate the childish side of the stand. The stands have white, refined furniture, to highlight the decoration of the creations but also to counter-balance with their colorful aspect.

The products created by the brands are presented on central shelves forming part of the booth. This in order to immediately highlight the flagship items of the brands.

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